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Fundraise Your Way lets people across the country turn their talents, interests and creativity into unique fundraising opportunities to support the Colon Cancer Coalition’s mission.  Fundraisers can range anywhere from collecting donations in lieu of gifts, to social events such as bake sales and parties, to athletic events like bike rides and golf outings; there are plenty of ways to host your own fundraiser. Whatever your idea is, we are here to help!
Start by picking your fundraising activity. If you’re hosting an event, contact Stacy to discuss how the Colon Cancer Coalition can support you.

Create your fundraiser page. You can quickly create a personal fundraising page or contact Stacy to request a ticketed event page be built for you.  If you’re not sure what to do, contact us to figure out the right fit.

Share your personal fundraising or event page with friends, family, and the community.

Thank your donors, participants, and supporters!
There is no registration fee or fundraising requirement for Fundraise Your Way. You decide a fundraising goal that is comfortable to you and do your best to reach it.  

The Colon Cancer Coalition is grateful for all donations and no fundraising effort goes unnoticed. 
You do not have to create a fundraising page to host your own fundraising event, however we highly recommend it. Creating your own fundraising page allows you to accept online donations and those who donate to your fundraising page will receive a tax receipt from the Colon Cancer Coalition.
Staff Support: Our Event and Community Engagement staff is an email or call away.  We will support you and your idea to make sure it’s a success! 

Website: Whether you’re looking to set up a personal fundraising page or a ticketed event page for a community fundraising event, we have a fundraising page to fit your needs!

Materials: Request materials for your event such as a stickers, educational information on colon cancer, and more. Materials are subject to availability
When planning your event, the Colon Cancer Coalition should be listed as the beneficiary to your event with the language “to benefit” or “to support” the Colon Cancer Coalition.  

Logo and Brand Usage: While we encourage you to use the Colon Cancer Coalition’s logo in connection with your fundraising effort, we ask that you don’t stretch or distort the organization’s logo. Any logo usage should be approved by the Colon Cancer Coalition staff.

Please contact Stacy if you would like  the Colon Cancer Coalition’s benefitting logo emailed to you.
Direct donors to your personal fundraising page or event page. This is the fastest and easiest way for donations to be connected with your fundraising efforts. Only those who make a donation directly to your Colon Cancer Coalition personal fundraising page or write a check to the Colon Cancer Coalition will be eligible for a tax receipt for their donation. 
If collecting cash or check, there are a few options.
Option 1: Fundraiser Collect Checks made payable to “Colon Cancer Coalition” and send them directly to CCC. Please include a note with the checks designating which event or fundraising page that the donations are for.
Option 2: Donors Mail Check Directly to the Colon Cancer Coalition. Donors must record the fundraising page or event name on the check memo line.
*For these two options, donations will be processed and acknowledged under the CCC’s tax identification number.* 
Option 3: If a fundraiser receives cash or a check made out to them personally, the individual can deposit the checks or cash, and then send a check made out to the Colon Cancer Coalition for the deposited amount or make an online donation to their event or personal fundraising page for the deposited amount.
*If the community organizer submits donations this way, only the community organizer will receive acknowledgment from the Colon Cancer Coalition.*
All proceeds not collected on your fundraising page need to be made payable to Colon Cancer Coalition and mailed to us.
Colon Cancer Coalition
5666 Lincoln Dr., Ste 270,
Edina, MN 55436
Absolutely! Contact Stacy prior to creating your page.
Let’s chat!  Contact us and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about starting your own Fundraise Your Way for the Colon Cancer Coalition.