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Megan Dawson's 2024 Fundraising Page

Megan Dawson
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Megan Dawson

Welcome to my fundraising page!

As most of you know, Kay was my mom. She fought for 10 years. She fought hard and courageously. She never let cancer define her, or tell her what she could or couldn't do. I will always admire her strength and grace as she battled something so ugly.

Kay was the most kind, caring, compassionate and loving person I've ever met. Her kindness was something EVERYONE noticed. She made people feel special and seen, which is truly a gift that I hope to carry on.

Kay's Crusaders started in 2010. We did the Get Your Rear in Gear walk with Kay at Southdale 14 years ago. Unfortunately that was the only walk she was able to participate in, but we have kept it going ever since. In 2022, we won largest team and won again in 2023. I think that's a testament to who Kay was, the impact she had, and the love she spread throughout the world.

Thank you for all of your support. Kay wanted to make sure colon cancer was on the map, and people were aware of the disease. She didn't want anyone else to experience what we did. If you have symptoms, if you're over 45, or if you know someone over 45, PLEASE ask them to get tested. It can save lives.

We are stronger together.


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