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Kelly Pike

Kelly Pike

Cancer has changed our lives forever. My amazing husband Joe was diagnosed in 2017 with Stage III Colon Cancer. His cancer was found during a colonoscopy. He went through surgery and chemotherapy, rang the bell, and spent a year cancer-free until it showed up in his liver in 2019 as Stage IV metastatic colon cancer. But he's a fighter! He had chemo, liver resection surgery, and is finishing up the rest of his chemo. He is a warrior and my hero! His doctors told him the original tumor in his colon could have been growing for over 5 years!

Please help me raise money to increase colon cancer screenings in Tulsa and the surrounding communities, and save lives! Thank you!


Chemo Warrior #pikestrong

2 days after life-saving liver resection surgery! #pikestrong


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Wish we lived closer so I could walk with you.
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I’ll be at work this day, but I’m thinking of you and praying for you always. I love you Uncle Joe ❤️
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