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Joyce's Tootsies
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Joyce's Tootsies

April 15th marks 12 years since we lost our Grandma or as we called her "Grammy Toots".

Joyce's Tootsies is excited to ride for our 4th year, in honor of our grandma, Joyce. We are hoping to beat our mileage from last year which was 884 miles.

This continues to be a special way for us to remember our Grandma, the Queen of Chicago, as we ride to some of her favorite spots around the city. While we always miss her, we know that for as long as we live in Chicago, we will carry a piece of her with us.

If you are interested in helping us reach our goal or want to follow along with Joyce's Tootsies teams progress, please see below. We are excited to raise awareness for Colon Cancer throughout May.

For those that knew our grandma, she was certainly not a quiet one and we know she will be cheering (*squealing*) for us the whole way.

Thank you!
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