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Badges - mark your tour de tush achievements! 

How many can you earn?

  FIRST YEAR PARTICIPANT. We are happy that you found the Tour de Tush.  Thank you for joining the ride! Welcome!

 SECOND YEAR PARTICIPANT. We are glad to have you back to participate for your second year! Welcome back!

 third year participant. We are so pleased to have you participating for your third year!  Welcome back!

 Fourth year participant.. You are a founding rider!  Thank you for your continued support and participation.  Welcome back!

Team Captain team captain. Thank you for leading your team to the finish line... when and whereever that might be!

Personal Donation personal donation. Thank you for making a donation towards your fundraising goal!

Survivor survivor. Celebrating you, no matter where you are on the cancer journey - from the moment you hear “you have cancer” we consider you a survivor!

Storyteller storyteller. You updated your personal page! Thanks for sharing your story or photo.

 first ride completed. You completed your first Tour de Tush ride! Way to go!

 you crossed the finish line. Congratulations! You reached your Tour de Tush mileage goal! 

shared. You share your personal page with your network! Thanks for sharing to spread awareness

Getting Started getting started. Good job! You raised at least $50 towards your goal.

Steady Climber steady climber. You’re on your way! You've raised $100!

One to watch one to watch. Keep going! You've raised $250!

Bronze Star bronze star! Keep up the good work! You’ve raised at least $500!

Silver Star silver star! Your hard work is paying off!  You've raised at least $1,000!

Gold Star gold star! You deserve a gold star! You've reaised at least $2,500!

Medallion Level medallion level! This is what excellence looks like! You’ve raised at least $5,000!

Trophy Worthy trophy worthy! Don't stop exceeding our expectations! You've raised at least $10,000!

Super Star super star! You have have gone above and beyond by raising at least $15,000! You're making a real difference!