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Tour de Tush 2021 in Honor of Nicole

Brian Cottone

Brian Cottone

Hi Friends,

Thank you for visiting my fundraiser page for the Colon Cancer Coalition's National "Tour de Tush".

My sister, Nicole, was a huge supporter and follower of this movement. I know this years creative event name would have made her lol with her unmistakable belly laugh.

I've witnessed a tremendous amount of support for some of my other fundraisers including the CCC's Undy Walk and CHOP's Virtual Toy Drive, to name a few. Thank you for donating your hard earned money to causes that Nicole and I both deeply care about.

I'll leave you with a snippet of a post that her husband, Matt, wrote about her on the one year anniversary of her passing:

"She would have wanted much more than just a post in her memory. She would have wanted her friends and family to learn from her journey. A true life lesson for us all. Treat each day as a gift….because it honestly is. Nicole relentlessly fought so hard to simply see another day, to see another friend, to enjoy another sunrise. It was inspirational to witness her strength. To see her calmness in such a storm. To see her love in such terror. During her final days while in unbearable pain and fear, she still thought of others instead of herself."

I'm excited to see us rally for the cause and for Nicole. She was forever overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support she received during her fight. Her fight is over now but it continues on for so many others. We fight for them.

Thank you for reading and for your support.


For Nicole ❤️


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Never forgotten. The best way we can honor Nicole's memory.
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May you ride proud for a great cause!
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