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Christie’s Tour De Tush ride for colon cancer

Christie Reynolds

Christie Reynolds

We started this tradition when my sister, Stefany was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. Since her passing, I have continued to raise funds for this because the best way to save lives is EARLY detection. Sometimes there are no symptoms before it is too late. A colonoscopy is the best way to catch and prevent colon cancer. Stefany had not had a colonoscopy because “she wasn’t old enough.” I am the age she was when she was diagnosed. It blows my mind that in a few years I will be older than my big sister. It was a 5k when we first started this tradition and Covid has changed that but I am fortunate enough to be able to participate in the biking event. Please help me to support this cause by donating to raise awareness as well as help less fortunate get the colonoscopy and care they need. (And please, get your butt checked)


raised of $400 goal



Recent Donations

1. Gina Barnes
Always for Stefany! ♥️
2. Gloria Andrews
I’m so proud of you for carrying on our family tradition, in these not so normal times. Keep up the good work, I know Stefany is proud of you too!! I love you so damn much!! 💙💙💙
3. Clint Burgess
4. Jerri Keisel
Good luck! Love you!

Team Stefany’s Buttys