TdT Spokes Spin-off Series Champion Registration

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Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series

Like spokes on a bike wheel, the Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series events
provide support to the hub, the National Tour de Tush,
by helping turn the wheel to keep the ride to end colon cancer moving
forward into local communities.

Just like the National Tour de Tush, the Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series
raise awareness and support research for colon cancer.

Want to plan your own ride?
Want to do a ride in your community to raise awareness?
Want to raise funds for colon cancer awareness in your community?
Want to support someone by doing a ride in their honor or memory?

Create your own Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series Event
... anywhere, anyway, at any time!

The Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series events don't just come in one shape or size. They are made up of both outdoor and indoor rides all across the country; they can be large road rides, a group of indoor cyclists at a local studio/gym, or families that want to host a leisurely ride. 

Starting your own Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series event allows you to plan an unsupported ride in your community;
when, where, and how you want.


You can do your own thing. The Colon Cancer Coalition does not manage the Spokes Spin-off Series events, but instead, they are managed by passionate riders, like you, who want to ride to end colon cancer - raising awareness and funds for colon cancer research.

So get together and ride to end colon cancer in your community!



Get started by following these 4 easy steps:


Step 1 - Create your ride page by clicking the "Start a Spokes Spin-off Series Event" button. Once your account is created, from your dashboard, click on the blue "Create Your Spokes Spin-off Series Event" button. Once created, personalize your event page by clicking the "Manage button" and then go to "Site Builder".  Step by step instructions on this process can be found here.

Step 2 - Recruit  friends/family to register to join your ride by sending invites through your Tour De Tush Spokes Spin-off Series ride page. Don't forget to register yourself for your event!

Registration for all Spokes Spin-off Series events includes a Tour de Tush shirt and medal.


Step 3 - Fundraise from your personal fundraising page. Share with your personal network or make an even more significant impact by contacting local businesses to support your ride.

Any registrant that raises over $1000 will receive a 2023 Tour de Tush bike jersey!


Step 4 - Ride whichever way works for you and your group.  Whether your group is large or small, whether you are riding outdoors or indoors, come together for a Spokes Spin-off Series ride to make a difference by raising awareness and funds for research.


For tips and questions regarding the creation of your Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-off Series event, please contact Stacy.  

💙  Together, we can save lives in our communities 💙
It is estimated that approximately 153,000 people will be diagnosed with CRC in 2023.
Can we raise $1 to represent each of those individuals to increase screening, education, and awareness?
Together with the efforts of the National Tour de Tush, let's reach the goal of $153,000!

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