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Skim's 2024 Get Your Rear in Gear - SF Bay Area

Sue Kim
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Sue Kim

Hello Family & Friends!

As some of you may or may not know, I am on the committee putting together the 9th Annual Get Your Rear In Gear SF Bay Area to spread awareness about colon cancer. I've been on the committee from the first in-person 5k walk/run in 2016 to the latest in-person post COVID last year. I am amazed on how our reach has grown and the the amount of impact we've made on the community all over the world.

Every year we provide colon cancer awareness and help low income, uninsured high-risk colon cancer patients in the local area receive the care they need.

Colon cancer does not get the same attention as other commonly known cancers even though it is the 2nd most common cause of cancer deaths even though it is a highly treatable cancer if caught early. Did you know that the American Cancer Society says colon/colorectal cancer will cause about 52,550 deaths during 2023?

Also, did you know the rates for colon & rectal cancer have been declining among adults 50+, but rising in adults UNDER 50? Unfortunately, young-onset patients are more likely to be diagnosed in stage III or IV, when the disease is harder to treat. Missed symptoms and misdiagnosis can often delay the correct diagnosis in young-onset cases.

This is why it is important for us to spread awareness to prevent and save others from this highly preventable, treatable, and beatable cancer!

This hits home for me because my "uncle" aka "SF father" lost his 1yr battle to colon cancer and we truly believe that had he screened early, he may still be with us today. I've been on the committee of this race for the past 6 years because this cancer is curable and I want do everything I possibly can to prevent others from going through what my uncle and the family had to endure. So please help me spread the awareness and save people from this highly treatable cancer.

Please join (or donate to) the my team "I Left My Colon in San Francisco" for the virtual challenges and event!

Most importantly, spread the word! Please share with family & friends! Whether it is about the event or about colon cancer and the importance of pre-screening!

Thank you in advance for your support!
💙 Sue

IG: @gyrig_sanfrancisco
FB: Get Your Rear In Gear - San Francisco


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