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Eddie Ortiz
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Eddie Ortiz

I started my journey with Colon Cancer on October 31, 2020 at the Spectrum emergency clinic. I was off work early and was not feeling well, so I decided to stop by and to check my blood pressure and sugar levels. I was diagnosed with internal bleeding and that more test would need to be run at a local hospital. I was rushed to the Santa Rosa Hospital emergency room. I was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer. I was going to need a colectomy to remove a portion of my colon and 12 rounds of chemo therapy. After round 12 – I rang the bell to signal the end of my chemo treatments. My cancer was in remission (or so I thought).

Later in the year around August of 2021, I contracted Covid pneumonia, and it was a five month struggle/challenge to recover. During the holidays of 2021, my beloved mother contracted Covid 19 as well and was in the hospital for several months. She passed on March 4, 2022. That same week of her passing I had my routine follow-up scan and the doctors informed that my cancer had metastasized into my liver. So, on March 25, 2022 had surgery to remove a small tumor in my liver. I am now considered STAGE 4. I was going to need 4 more rounds of chemo therapy (oral).

Right after my last dose, the doctors advised that my cancer markers were up and we had to do another scan. This time the cancer metastasized into my lungs. The oncologist advised me that I would need to undergo 12 more rounds of chemo therapy. As of 3/1/2023 I have completed 24 rounds of chemo therapy to date. I have 4 scheduled sessions remaining, but my Doctor says that I might need more after that pending on my scans.

So that being said, I am going to participate for the second time in the Get Your Rear 5K Run/Walk San Antonio Colon Cancer Coalition with Team Pansa Power to raise money for research and awareness. March is Cancer Colon Awareness month. If you are experiencing any symptoms like a change in bowel habits, bloating, blood in your stool, or unexplained weight loss, please advocate for yourself and ask your doctor to schedule a colonoscopy. Sometimes, colon cancer has no symptoms, so if you have a family history or are age 45 or older, get screened! It could just save your life.

I will continue to fight the fight.

Love, Eddie


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