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My 2024 Get Your Rear in Gear - Raleigh Personal Page

Barbara Hatcher
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Barbara Hatcher

Welcome to my fundraising page!

It's that time of year again, and I continue to fight in the best way I know how! I am again hosting a team for any who would like to participate in the "race." I put quotes because it not not necessary to race against others or the clock. You pick your pace and do what makes you comfortable! If you do want to participate, please visit the Team Page #TeamHatcher, and join! If you would prefer to sponsor, that is great as well. You can very easily make a donation (tax deductible) by clicking the DONATE button and following those prompts.

Please join me in supporting the Colon Cancer Coalition’s mission to reduce barriers to colorectal cancer screening and educate the public about life saving colorectal cancer screening options. Together, we can make a difference.

Did you know that colorectal cancer is the second deadliest cancer? Only lung cancer kills more Americans each year than colon cancer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Regular, early screening is essential to catching this disease before it begins and in its earliest stages. 

Survival rate is over 90% when caught in early stages.

By donating and sharing my page, you can directly help people that are impacted by colon cancer and help save lives.

Thank you for your support! We are stronger together.

I walked 3.5 miles towards my goal!


I walked 2.28 miles towards my goal!

I walked 2.14 miles towards my goal!


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