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Connor Creekmore

Connor Creekmore

My thought this year on writing this was to give Connor a couple questions like why do you do it? who do you do it for? and what does doing the race mean to you? Then I told him here is the computer type what you want to say. I figured I would leave it exactly as he typed it….

“Plaes donate for my mom!!! So we can stop colon cancer.together and research a cure to stop colon cancer.I do the race to help my mom! And help other people! Im excited to actually be at the race in Raleigh this year! :thank you for your help :love connor”

As I sat and watched him type his response it made me teary eyed and happy. Connor is on his 7th year of doing these races and raising money to help others. He has earned many awards for being the top fundraiser from previous years, and wants to keep striving to earn more. We have come a long way from him being a two year old at his first race and carrying him more than he walked, to now him telling me he “wants to run the whole race to show his mom what he can do”. I hope he never loses that drive and the wanting to make his mom happy.

Colon cancer among the young has been increasing, and yet the reason for the increase is not known. Money raised by this event goes towards education initiatives and expanding colon cancer screening. Colon cancer has a high survival rate, if diagnosed in the early stages.

Please consider joining our family in this event through either participation in the 5K Run/Walk and/or through a donation towards the event. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Connor’s Dad – Mike


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