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My 2020 National Quarantine Edition Personal Page

Kirsten Freiborg

Kirsten Freiborg

This month marks 8 years since I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. The Colon Cancer Coalition has supported me through my entire cancer journey and I'm very thankful to volunteer for such a wonderful organization.

I'll be joining survivors, patients, caregivers, and advocates across the entire country this weekend to Get Your Rear in Gear (quarantine edition). Cancer treatment challenges you mentally, physically, emotionally, and it can be isolating - even if you're surrounded by friends and family. I can't imagine being a patient or caregiver during this worldwide pandemic, with the added difficulty of getting the right help and treatment you need, as well as being isolated even more from those closest to you. All money raised will go directly to supporting patients and caregivers across the country who need help accessing treatment and supplies during this time. Even if you have only a dollar to donate, please consider doing so!


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