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Bottom's Up!

Bottom's Up!

Colon Cancer has touched so many peoples lives and forever altered many of those people.
Team Bottom's Up was created originally to support my dad's battle with colon cancer. We now walk/run in memory of my dad. It is an unforgiving cancer that many don't want to talk about because it is your colon and really who want's to talk about that? This is the reason so many don't catch it in time. We walk to raise money locally to help those that need to get screened and to raise awareness. All funds raised stay local and can help so many people! Just because we have COVID doesn't mean cancer is gone. Screenings went down by over 90% in 2020 due to COVID and that is heartbreaking! Please join us on Aug. 7th to support this cause. You can join in person (fingers crossed) or virtually! Register or donate today!

Together, we can make a difference!


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