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Debi Lee
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Debi Lee

Every year I do my best to run/walk this race in commemoration of Covey Love, a dear friend to many of my closest peeps. Although I never met Covey, I know she lived a life that could fill volumes of books!

We shared not only a common social circle, but also the deep love of costuming! As many of you know, I wish every day could be Halloween. One of my favorite Get Your Rear in Gear runs was done in a pink tutu and a massive Hello Kitty balloon which made the cover of a Get Your Rear in Gear brochure! Since then, Presley and I have done our best to show our support in costume and this year will be no different.

October 15, 2023 will be a special Get Your Rear in Gear run. It marks a year that my dear friend, Alissa Riffel, whom many of you know, is captain of the team so I'm committing to help her build awareness and support for the cause!

Here are 3 simple ways to help:

1. If you are in NYC on October 15, please consider making your way to Brooklyn to join us on this walk/race. If you do, feel free to join the Covey Love team.

2. Your financial support is deeply appreciated...all size donations! We all have special circumstances and gratitude for what we have and can share. The generosity is not measured not in size of contribution, but the size of the good-will and intent it comes with.

3. Finally, if you haven't gotten your colon screening and you are over 45, please DO NOT WAIT! I got mine during the pandemic ...a huge challenge but I committed to myself and my loved ones because I know that if caught early, it can be treatable.

Thank you so much! Together, we can make a difference! Spread the word...and Get Your Rear In Gear!!!!


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