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My 2022 Get Your Rear in Gear - New York Personal Page

Alyssa Frost

Alyssa Frost

I have been volunteering with the organization since 2016, and it has been an incredible but at times emotional experience. My Aunt passed away of Colon/Rectal cancer 30 years ago, when she was just 30 years old and I am such a huge advocate for early detection and screening.

Get Your Rear in Gear is the signature event of the Colon Cancer Coalition. It is the largest colon cancer-focused event series in the United States. In addition to raising funds to increase screening rates and awareness for colon cancer, Get Your Rear in Gear is also a call to take care of your body and make healthy choices. Money raised has immediate impact on the local community by being invested back to increase screening for colorectal cancer and raise awareness through public education projects.

The mission of the Colon Cancer Coalition is to empower local communities to promote prevention and early detection of colon cancer, and to provide support to those affected. There is a huge focus on education, early prevention and screening. The wonderful thing about the local races is that the money raised at the New York event stays in New York and is given to organizations that support these missions. We all have different stories, some survivors, some remembering loved ones, and many fighting Colon Cancer. Yet everyone is supported and fights together.


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