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Get a Colonoscopy!

Created by Stephanie Augustus

Get a Colonoscopy!

Hello, Thank you for visiting. Colorectal cancer awareness and screening is a cause that has recently become very near and dear to my heart. I appreciate your support and generosity. After Jon was diagnosed, he started a mini campaign for his friends and family to all get colonoscopies. All the best ~Jon Williams' family

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1. JJJohn Jasper
In memory of Jon Williams
2. JGJean Gilbert
In memory of Jon Williams
3. JSJane Stromquist
In memory of Jon Williams
4. KPKaty Petersen
5. RARich And Kris Augustus
Prayers for your family.
6. FBFit Body Boot Camp - West Palm Beach
FBBC refunded dues, donating in Jon's honor,Steph
7. BPBecky Lindvall Porter
Thank you Becky for your donation, Stephanie.
8. GSGrant, Jen, Zack And Paige Smith
9. KNKatie Nelsen
Sending love to you and your entire family, Steph.
10. AAlison, Mark, Leah, and Conor McPhail
11. CHCris Holst
12. ?Anonymous
13. LLisa, Mike, Kyle & Nate
Love and prayers for the entire family.
14. CHCharles Halse
Steph, sorry for your loss.
15. BLBenny & Sherrie Laureano
16. JBJoseph S. Butler
17. CACalvin And Karen Amstein
Stephanie, we are so sorry to hear of your brother passing. We are more than happy to contribute to the fight against colon cancer. Love and prayers.
18. RWRuthann Wilson
Love from your Oklahoma Family!
19. SJSusan Jones
RIP Jon! Love from Oklahoma!
20. TVThe Varney's
21. ?Anonymous
In memory of Jon, and Mickey.
22. THTodd Hayes
23. ?Anonymous
24. Stephanie Augustus