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Janis Day

Created by Ashley Canfield

Janis Day

Thank you so much for visiting this page. For the past 6 years Janis Day fought cancer and the affects to her body with resilience, determination and endurance. Between chemo treatments and surgeries she also worked full time, was a wife, mom, grandmother and friend.
She endured things through this journey that tested her faith, her peace and of course her health. But she was determined to have as many days on this earth as possible so she could enjoy her family. She spoke often of wanting to see all of her grandchildren grow up.
Although she will not see all of them grow up on this earth she did meet all TWELVE of them and she knew them well. She was also able to spend 6 years with the love of her life who has a servants heart and cared for her with a devoted tenderness.
If you feel called to help with this cause its near to our hearts as it took our loved one from us far too soon. We were not ready to say goodbye. Although we know her body was exhausted from the fight and we rejoice that she is at perfect peace now, in the presence of her Savior where there is fullness of joy.

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