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A Tribute to Eli Fogel From Will Madej's Past & Present Coworkers

Created by Elisabeth Klisser

From Will Madej's Past & Present Coworkers

In honor of Eliza Fogel’s courageous battle against cancer, Will Madej’s coworkers from past and present have created this Tribute page.

If you’ve ever worked in a creative field, you know that lousy copy plus good design still equates to a less than ideal outcome, and vice versa. Although approached with significantly distinct tools and guidelines, the two elements must be incredible to create something truly noteworthy. This is tough to accomplish, but as soon as you see it––a marriage of equally compelling words and pictures––there is little you can do but admire its fleeting perfection.

Eli, Will’s incredible other half, was a talented writer with a kind, whimsical soul. She provided the perfect balance to Will’s undeniably chaotic energy—a soothing source of pause, thoughtfulness, and laughter. Will has been my coworker for four years and is unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. It only makes sense that Will’s wife was equally unique, creative, and oddly obsessed with Legos. Over the last four years, she wrote our team thank you notes, joined us for outings when she could, bought me a wonderful secret Santa gift on Will’s behalf, and, most importantly, made our friend and coworker very happy.

Eli’s brilliant knack for word choice and profound storytelling ability complemented Will’s daring and unconventional approach to visuals and life. A love like theirs is hard to come by, but as soon as you see it––a marriage of equally compelling words and pictures––there is little you can do but admire its fleeting perfection.

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1. CPChuck And Julie Pribble
3. ESEmily Spicklemire
4. JKJacque Kress
You were always such a bright spot in my day (and so many others). I'm truly sorry for your loss, Will.
5. JLJeremy Lee
6. CBChris Borgmeyer
7. CHChelsea Hauer
8. LRLiz Rieveley
9. ?Anonymous
10. NMNick M
Will, Lis is right, you and Eli were the perfect match and were so lucky to have each other. Words can’t expressed how extremely sorry I am for your loss. There is nothing more honorable than helping find a cure in her name. Love you, brother! Xoxo Nick
11. ?Anonymous
I was so very sorry to hear it, Will. You're in my thoughts.
12. ?Anonymous
13. DDDenee Doyle
14. ?Anonymous
15. KPKelly Pederson
16. CBCindy Balich
My deepest condolences, Will. Iyou are in my thoughts.
17. DSDenise Schreiber
18. JHJames Hunt
19. RDRob Dix
Very sorry for your loss, Will! This is a great cause and I lost my dad to Colon Cancer 13 years ago tomorrow (8-7-07)... cancer sucks bad and I miss him dearly. God Speed to you and Team SMS!
20. LPLiz Perez
21. MMMichael Monroe
Sending love, prayers, and thoughts for the loss.
22. VSVanessa Sepiol
23. POPearl Ong
24. GBGraham Blackwell
25. PKPaige Kohut
26. DRDylan Rogers
27. MEMenno Enters
28. RSRo Sandoval
Wil, My sincere condolences to you and your family. This Hebrew Proverb has brought me comfort when I suffer a loss and reminds if the privilege I had to be a part of the experience. Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was. – Hebrew Proverb
29. JHJen Hoffman
30. SWScott Whalen
31. JMJason Moos
32. DDDinora Diaz
33. NMNick Manoogian
34. CFCallie Frey
35. KSKacie Swiatkiewicz
36. Elisabeth Klisser