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Tim Brown

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Timothy Brown


Colorectal cancer awareness and screening is a cause very near and dear to my heart because I lost my father to the disease on October 2, 2015. He was a light to everyone who crossed paths with him and blessed us all with his talent and kindness while he was on this earth. His battle lasted for nearly five years before he began his eternal rest at the age of 49.

"African-Americans are more likely to develop CRC at a younger age and to be at a more advanced stage when diagnosed. According to the National Cancer Institute, even when African-Americans are diagnosed with early stage disease, they have significantly worse survival rates. And, although the overall colorectal cancer incidence among people 50 and older has declined over the past decade, in large part because of screening, the NCI says incidence and mortality are highest among African-Americans."

It is imperative that we take the proper steps to prevent ourselves from developing this disease. Preventative measures aren't infallible, so it's important that we are getting screened regularly and donating to support colon cancer research and funds for people who may not have the means to get screened.

I appreciate your support and generosity. Together we can make a difference and save lives! Every penny you donate goes to the cause!

~Tiana B.

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