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Marilia Rebelo Hirschberger

Created by Dominic And Erin Rebelo

Marilia R. Hirschberger

Hello, Thank you for visiting. Colorectal cancer awareness and screening is a cause very near and dear to our hearts.

Marilia was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016 but initially it had gone undetected, confused for a more benign process. She chose to undergo aggressive radiation and surgery to battle the disease. When the recurrence of her cancer was discovered a year and a half later her fierce spirit lead her to the same deep inner strength and faith she relied on throughout her life. She determined she did not want to be her illness and did not let it define her. She practiced love and kindness with each person she met. She enjoyed her family, grandchildren, friends. She celebrated birthdays, holidays, town parades, Sopas and Festas at Immaculate Conception Church in Stoughton. She performed daily and weekly rituals like mass, grocery shopping, cooking dinner for her family, visits with her grandchildren with reverence, as they were the essence of life itself. She remained strong and kind throughout her illness, despite her often quiet suffering. The moments we shared at home with her in the last few months of her life were invaluable as she continued to joke, laugh and love. The lessons of generosity, kindness and strength she taught us and the love she bestowed upon us will shape our lives forever. She was a true inspiration.

In her memory we have set up this tribute page. We hope to spread awareness of colorectal cancer and prevent delayed diagnosis. We deeply appreciate your support and generosity in memory of Marilia.

Together we can make a difference and save lives!
~ Erin, Dominic and her loving family and friends

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