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Live Like Leslie

Created by Jamie Pate

Live Like Leslie

Hello, Thank you for visiting. Colorectal cancer awareness and screening is a cause very near and dear to my heart. I appreciate your support and generosity. Together we can make a difference and save lives! All the best ~Jamie

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1. DDDaniel S Doyle
2. DCDawn Chambers
I am so sorry for everyone’s loss. Heaven certainly gained an angel. I know she will be missed terribly. Sending many prayers and positive thoughts.
3. LMLisa And Mark McPartland
Help for a cure
4. ADAnitra Dodson
Leslie encouraged me to get a colonoscopy before the recommended age of 50 because she was battling stage 4 at age 44... and because she was always thinking of others. So I did. To my surprise a precancerous polyp was removed. She just might have saved me a heck of a battle and maybe even my life. I pray that with these donations in her memory and in memory of others who battled this disease, there are many others that can be spared through earlier screening... and one day even a cure.
5. MBMike And Pam Blaylock
6. JHJen Hartman
My heart breaks for you and your family.
7. MRMichelle And Keith Riggs
We are so glad to have met Leslie. 😘😘
8. JPJimmy And Sue Pate
Live Like Leslie!
9. LfLisa Jones And Family
With love from your oldest sis, Lisa
10. DBDana, Trey And Beck
In honor of our sweet Leslie💙
11. TFThe Krowl Family
Prayers for peace during this difficult time. ❤️
12. JSJeff & Jenni Skaggs
13. DMDavid Mabry
You will forever be in my heart Leslie! 💙
14. BRBecky Richardson
Live Like Leslie
15. PDPatricia Dodson
Leslie's spirit will always be with us.
16. BDBrigitte & Marc Dent
Sending love & prayers!
17. MTMarylou Tooley
19. SWSteve And Susan Welsh
Peace be with the Blaylock family
20. CBColleen And Todd Bordeaux
21. EKEileen Krowl
We have another angel to pray too.
22. ?Anonymous
23. SBStacey&Mark Bufalini
24. GRGregory P Roman
Jamie we are so sorry for you're loss!! Love the R
25. RBRebecca And Todd Bulvanoski
26. CFChris Findlay
27. DBDaryl Brackett
28. JLJason M Loftus
29. LBLinda Braxton-Webb
30. LLLisa Lang
31. BFBecky Corbin And Family
Love, Becky, Cary, Chloe and Iain
32. JOJeannie Orr
RIP sweet Leslie. Prayers
33. TcThe Cronemillers
Meet you on the other side sweet Leslie!
34. LALisa Arent
Prayers for your family 🙏
35. KRKristen Rudy
May your life live on in those you love. Love you.
36. SSteve & Erika Watmough
37. FHFrancesca Holt
Sending Love to you all ❤️
38. JRJolie Russ
love + prayers to you and your family, sweet Jamie
39. LFLiz And Keith Forkin
We are so sorry for your loss.
40. KCKelly Campbell
Leslie was special and her memory has a purpose. 🙏
41. CLCarol LaVack
In loving memory of Leslie Nicole Blaylock
42. MTMickey Tingen
43. JFJennifer Friend
44. DWDanielle & Greg Wilson
So sorry to hear about Leslie.
45. Jamie Pate