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Evan's Black Belt Stride to Fight Colon Cancer

Evan Lavoie

Evan's Black Belt Stride to Fight Colon Cancer

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  In 2020, my Aunt Missy died from colon cancer.  She was only 44.  Recent studies have shown that physical activity can reduce colon cancer risk by 25%.  Now that I know colon cancer is a part of my family history, physical activity has become increasingly important in my life.  I am currently seeking to earn my black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, and have chosen to raise money for colon cancer awareness as my community service project to help achieve that goal.
From March 1-March 15, 2022, I am committed to completing at least 25 miles of physical activity (either by walking around my neighborhood if weather permits or using a treadmill/elliptical machine).  I am asking friends and family to donate whatever amount they can to help raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity in fighting this horrible disease.   

Please help me support the Colon Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance Colon Cancer Coalition's great cause! 

Closed out the last 2 days of my challenge with a total of 3.5 miles (1.75 on Monday and 1.75 on Tuesday). I hit a total of 30 miles-5 more than my 25 goal. Also exceeded my fundraising goal! Thank You so much to everyone who supported me!


Added another 1.5 miles to my total-now at 26.5 miles total


Today, Dad an I did our fitness class again after my Tae Kwon Do class. For the cardio session, I completed .5 miles on the treadmill and 1200 m on the rower (.75 miles). That's a total of 1.25 miles putting me at my goal of 25 miles with 3 more days to go. I am now going to try and push for 30 miles by the end of my challenge. Wish me luck!

sorry, haven't posted in a couple of days, but here is an update on my progress: Thursday 3/10 I did 1.5 miles on the elliptical and I did 1.75 miles on it on Friday 3/11. That's another 3.25 miles for a total of 23.75 miles.


Fitness Center day in School today. 4 total miles earned on bike, treadmill, and elliptical. I've now hit 20.5 miles of my 25 mile goal with 6 days to go.

6 more laps (1.5 miles) on the elliptical - now up to 16.5 miles


Dad and I had our workout class last night. I did 800m on the rower (half mile) and a half mile on the treadmill. That puts me at 15/25 miles at the halfway mark of my 15 day challenge. Thanks to everyone for your support.


Closing the weekend out with another 2 miles! So far i'm at 14 miles total Thank you all for all the support!

Another 2 miles...


We did Fitness Center in Gym at school today. I did one mile on the treadmill and 5 miles on the stationary bike for a total of 6 miles. Can't use our phones in school, so sorry, no pic. So far I am at 8 of my 25 mile goal.


8 1/4 mile laps. So after Day 1, I've done 2 of 25 miles.

Day to the races


raised of $750 goal

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