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Dan's Birthday Wish!

Dan Crates

Dan's Birthday Wish!

Hi friends! June 30th is my 51st birthday and to be honest- I didn't think I'd see this one but I am so grateful I am!  As a quick update, I have been on a trial medicine since September and the results have been nothing short of a miracle.  This treatment did not exist when I was first diagnosed 4.5 years ago.  This is why your help will continue to help others live long enough to benefit from treatments like I have.  Cancer will most likely be a manageable disease versus a cure in the future - at least it is for me.  So my birthday wish is help others live, manage and endure long enough to benefit from the rapidly advancing field of treatments.  The Colon Cancer Coalition is the best outreach and advocacy organization out there.  If you choose and are able, please donate whatever you can to this organization and know it has meant so much to me and thousands more to spread the word about early screening and life saving resources.


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