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Pfeiffer Women's Lacrosse

Pfeiffer Women's Lacrosse

Get Your Rear in Gear for Colon Cancer

In January of 2014, my dad passed away from Colon Cancer after an 8-year battle. He had been in remission multiple times, going through all sorts of treatments, all of which put off the inevitable. In December of 2013, he had decided to stop treatment and spend his last months with his family.  When he passed it was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I was angry and felt so alone. I turned to running to help my thoughts and process his passing. I did not realize it until years later, but what got me through his death was also introduced to me because of his cancer. 

My first Get Your Rear in Gear race was in 2012, and I was HOOKED. The community and passion for the cause, mixed with my love for running led me to find a personal cause for which I could fight. See, I had never really run before, other than in sports or games. But, while running that first race I was so focused on my Dad and pushing myself to do my best. For some reason, I thought the faster I ran, the more money I raised, the more likely his cancer would be cured (granted I was 12). Eventually it became less about his cancer, and more about running because he loved watching me run. It became my passion. So, his cancer gave me running, and running helped me understand his passing. 

Years later, I got recruited to Pfeiffer University to run cross country. Once at Pfeiffer however, I was pushed by friends and my sister (who also happened to go to Pfeiffer), to play lacrosse. I joined and found another community that supported me for all four years. Now, they are supporting me and the Get Your Rear in Gear cause. So, if you feel led please donate and share this page so we can continue fighting for a cause that has changed so many lives including mine, my families, and my Dad.

Together, we can make a Difference!



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