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My 2022 Get Your Rear in Gear - Fort Worth Personal Page

Mckenzie Wickham Stoneking

McKenzie Wickham Stoneking

Hi! I started participating in Get Your Rear in Gear in 2015 after I lost my first husband, Chris Wickham to colon cancer. He was diagnosed when I was 6 weeks pregnant with our daughter - McKenzie. He fought a painful year-long battle with 3 major surgeries, 16 chemotherapy treatments, and so many doctors appointments. Chris passed away when McKenzie was only 6 months at only 31 years old.

We have been blessed with a fabulous support system and an amazing blended family following our loss. Participating in Get your Rear in Gear allows us to celebrate Chris each year and help raise money and cheer on those fighting a similar battle. Join us in Fort Worth!


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