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Jammie Run for Jen

Created by Stephanie Bailey

Jammie Run for Jen

Update! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for donating. I am updating the goal and am now running with jingle bells (along with pajamas and santa hat!) in memory of Jen and her hilarious laugh and kind, warm spirit! Jen Baumgart was a beautiful, kind soul who is greatly missed by all her family and friends. Please donate in Jen's memory, and help the Colon Cancer Coalition continue to support families affected by this cruel disease. The coalition provides meaningful support to families, and every dollar is appreciated. I will be running every day in December in my pajamas and Santa hat, honoring Jen and her beautiful smile, generosity, and laughter. Your generous donation truly makes a difference. Thank you so much!


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1. LRLaura M Reeb
Run, Steph, Run!
2. BTBeth Thomas
3. KFKenda Flaks
4. THTristan Hanson
5. ?Anonymous
6. KBKatie Claussen Bell
7. RGRobyn Golden
8. PAPaige Adeli
Ring my Nest doorbell and wave hello when you run by my house. I want to capture you in your PJs!
9. LGLiz Gomez
10. MSMariam Schrage
11. EFElizabeth Flynn
12. MTMargo Thomas-May
13. MWMary Stitt And Melinda Bailey Woody
14. KSKatherine Swiatek
15. TThe Good Egg
You Go! Steph!
16. JEJess Erwin
So proud of you, Steph! What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. She is with you always. <3
17. MBMichele Blonski
18. KHKelli Harsch
You are awesome for doing this.
19. ASAngela Schell
20. MGMary Hope Griffin
21. BBairbre
Run hard Stephanie - we're watching you from Ireland!
22. DGDenise Green
23. TKTamara Koransky
Stephanie, this is such a special way to honor and remember your good friend. Thank you for doing this and giving me a way to honor her, too, and support such a good cause.
24. RsRachel Smith
25. NDNicole Daniel
26. DWDani Weiss
27. JRJennifer Ruland
28. LPLynn Peterson
29. ECErin Cecchi
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32. Stephanie Bailey