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Kick Cancer's Butt at the Mt. Lemmon Marathon

Rhiannon Hastings

Kick Cancer's Butt at the Mt. Lemmon Marathon

Thank you for visiting! As many of you are aware, I lost my brother at the age of 39 in December 2018 to this disease. This cause is very dear to me, it has taken me a while to get my running mojo back and it's been six years since I last ran a marathon so I would appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Rhiannon

Early morning run of 5.5 miles before work...and it gets too warm. Building up distance and base miles.


Sunday 21st April. So today was a loooong hike. In at Gordon Hirabayashi and out at Seven Falls, 12.08 miles in total and 1032ft elevation gain. Poor puppy was tired so ended up in the backpack for the last 6 miles!! The first 4 miles of the course in November are hilly so getting practice in.


Himmel Parkrun on the 20th April. Building up the base miles so I have something concrete to build on for the serious marathon training. I don’t deal well with the heat...this may be more difficult than I anticipated!


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