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In Loving Memory of Naishad Pandya

Created by Deshanki Pandya

In Loving Memory of Naishad Pandya

Naishad Pandya was loved by all, a wonderful son, father, husband, brother and friend. He lived a full life and fought a long battle with colon cancer. Please consider donating towards awareness and prevention for our cause.

Please help us support Colon Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to our fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends.

With love,
Pandya Family

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1. HPHina And Tarun Patel
Naishad you will always be remembered as a true friend who was jolly, welcoming and a fun person to be around. You will always be missed!
2. SFSunny Patel And Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
3. KPKayur Patel
4. CRChirag R
5. PPPriyanka Parikh
Thank you Tinu Mama for always bringing joy and laughter to every day. I will always remember your jokes, your wise words and spirituality, and most of all, your singing. You will be truly missed but never forgotten. ❤️
6. AKAnna Klimczuk
My deepest condolences to Priyanka on the loss of her uncle and to the entire Pandya family. May your loved one live on in your memories.
7. FFFrank Della Femina
8. FTFlorence Bindu Thankappan
Rest In Peace big brother🙏
9. dpDilip Pandya
10. RPRiddhi & Ankit Patel
Our deepest condolences and sympathy, our prayers and love are with the family.
11. BPBhavesh & Vaidehi Patel
With our love we cherish Naishad Uncle. We miss him dearly. We know he sees us remembering his amazing life. May God bless Uncle’s soul. Condolences to our entire family.
12. MMMita Hitesh Mehta
In honour of wonderful Naishadbhai whose life was cut short before his time, we have sent a contribution to colon cancer coalition organization. Mita and Hitesh
13. SMShannu Meladath
My heartfelt condolences to Naishad's wife, kids and the rest of the family! Naishad, you will be missed by everyone at work! Rest in Peace!!
14. JJoshi Family
15. AMAnubhai & Kalpana Mehta
We are very saddened by the demise of Mr Pandya. May he rest in peace and without any pain and suffering. God bless.
16. AAAshvin And Mohini Acharya
Our deepest condolences to the entire family.
17. SsSuraj Shah
18. NFNoren's Sister And Family
Our deepest condolences, you and your family will be in our prayers
19. NPNoren's Parents
Naishad beta you were like a son to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
20. BfBhagavat & Usha Pandya And Family
In honor of my loving son
22. ASAbhay & Megha Shukla
Our deepest condolences. You and your family will forever be in our prayers.
23. BWBill Wong
Thanks for your friendship. You will be greatly missed, by friend.
24. DNDilasha N
25. KDKshanila & Deven
26. APAlpesh Patel
“It was truly a pleasure working with Naishad bhai. He will be deeply missed.”
27. NMNisha Mathew
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family <3
28. BABharat R Ashra
Our deepest condolences to the family. You are in our prayers and thoughts.
29. STShilpa Toolsidas
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
30. ATAditya Thaker
Your Death Will Prove How You Have Lived “The man who has lived his life totally, intensely, passionately, without any fear – without any fear that has been created in you by the priests for centuries and centuries – if a person lives his life without any fear, authentically, spontaneously, death will not create any fear in him, not at all. In fact, death will come as a great rest. Death will come as the ultimate flowering of life. He will be able to enjoy death too; he will be able to celebrate death too. “And remember, that is the criterion. If a person can enjoy and celebrate his death, that shows he has lived rightly; there is no other criterion. Your death will prove how you have lived.” Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 1, Talk #9
31. ASAkash And Sonal
32. ?Anonymous