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Finish The Fight

Megan Looper

Finish The Fight

Hi everyone! With your help, I would like to bring attention to a cause that is dear to my heart this holiday season. As you may know, my Dad, Darin Looper, has been fighting cancer for several years now, undergoing many surgeries and countless types of treatments. This Christmas, he will be in Dallas, TX at the Baylor Cancer Center receiving the first round of a new clinical trial drug. It would mean a lot to us to raise some money for Colon Cancer screening awareness and medical research this year. Thank you all for your love and support!

--Megan Looper


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1. BMByron McSwain
Praying for you brother as you continue this fight! Love you! 💪🙌❤
2. DGDoug & Teresa Gerig
May you and your lovely family have a blessed holiday.
3. JCJohn Colvin
We are in your corner. Keep up the good fight
4. NUNancy Uhrich
God Bless our Dear Cousin
5. KKKatie Kurp
6. THTina Harding
Prayers for Darin. Stay strong and keep up the fight!!! My mother in law had colon cancer and an early screening my have saved her.