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Power of Pedals

Dave Klein

Power of Pedals

Covid might have delayed this adventure for a year, but it has not smothered it. This ride will begin Thanksgiving weekend 2021. Any extended trip always has hurdles to overcome. And it's gonna take a lot more to dampen the adrenalin.

Battling colon cancer for over 8 years, one of my best friends calls her cancer "a social butterfly". It's that spirit of embracing the moment and making the most of what she has immediately in front of her that makes Donna so special. Her strength, endless positivity, and always finding something good in everything around her is infectious.

That positive energy will help me bicycling more than 3000 miles from Los Angeles to St. Augustine, FL. However, this is not about racing from coast to coast, pounding pedals for endless miles and "crashing" in hotels each night. Its about meeting people with beautiful stories along the way, soaking up nature's beauty one can appreciate at 13mph, and solo-camping most nights in campgrounds, on national forest land, or in a new friend's farm field.

I've also included a link to my website. This site will have additional opportunities for engagement from video clips, a blog, photos and other items.

Please help me support Colon Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance Colon Cancer Coalition's great cause!

Together, we will make a difference!

I know. This is mid-September for you guys in Minnesota. But for us SE Michigan lightweights, this just means the morning training ride now includes relearning those bike-handling skills in the snow. T minus 11.


Covid isnt stopping us this year. T minus 14 days and counting. Training is going well. Gear is ready. Train ticket to LA is updated. Lets Go!


Which one do you think is more comfortable?

Life just got a whole lot better getting a custom fit on the ride last week. Kinda obvious what that one major replacement was going to be.


Less than 4 weeks to Dday! Thoroughly enjoying the buildup. Special sponsorship announcements a re right around the corner. Always a good time to believe.


Who says cycling can't be a religious experience. At All Time Weddings just outside Fair Haven, MI on a training ride out to Harsens Island. I thought Harsens Island was a small, cute Mackinac Island, not a robust, windswept 35 mile loop.


Ready and eager to begin her "cancer eviction", Donna's beginning Rd 3 of chemo treatments this week. Time to crush it.


It's gettin real, real fast. I AM PUMPED!

Testing gear and training rides


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1. Dave Klein
Looking forward to new places and beautiful faces.
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Congrats Dave. Your guts and faith inspire me. Thanks be to God
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6. BRBrandon Roux
My co-worker, video journalist Dave Kline, is doing his Power of Pedals in honor of someone close to him. I am supporting Dave and his passion, and we are going to do even more! WDIV NBC TV in Detroit will be covering the journey on our morning show and I will be providing Dave with daily or weekly weather reports. Good luck everyone, and God bless!