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60 for Donna’s 60th

Kimberly Stover

60 for Donna’s 60th

Most of you know that every year my family participated in the “Get Your Rear in Gear” fundraising race in honor of my mom.

My mom would be turning 60 this year if she hadn’t passed away from colon cancer 11 years ago. My sisters and I were robbed of sharing our adult lives with our favorite person, and Lukas will never know his Mommom.

But I would like for others not to have to suffer the way Mom did. In honor of her 60th birthday next month, I would like to raise money for underinsured men and women to get colon cancer screenings, which can cost between $40-$400 for basic tests.

My goal is to raise $2,400- one test for each birthday she should be celebrating. Please join me and donate in memory of Mom!


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