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Julius Herzlinger

Julius Herzlinger

Hello Friends and Family,

I’ve been volunteering with the Colon Cancer Coalition the past few months, and am currently participating in their annual 5k fundraising event. The organization focuses on raising awareness and funding medical research.

I chose to volunteer my time with the CCC because my Grandpa, Oscar Herzlinger, passed away from Colon Cancer, and I strongly believe in the organization’s mission of ‘Empowering local communities to promote prevention and early detection of colon cancer, and to provide support to those affected’. Although the survival rate for colon cancer is 90% when it’s caught in the early stages, only 40% of cases are being diagnosed during this window. The CCC is committed to raising screening rates to 80% in every community, and by reaching that collective goal, more than 200,000 lives could be saved in the next decade.

If you have any funds to spare, please consider donating to an excellent cause. Even a donation as small as $5.00 is much appreciated. Last day to donate is Saturday August, 14th. Thank you for your support!


Julius Herzlinger

The boys and I locked in some miles last week, with a quick hike up Smuggs to Sterling Pond! #GYRIG #OptOutside

Wow! Thank you so much to everyone that has donated. I could not be more excited to have already surpassed my fundraising goal of $300. Three days left... let's keep up this momentum!


Thank you for your support! I am currently leading the mileage board, having run/biked/kayaked over 40 miles!


raised of $300 goal


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