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My 2021 Get Your Rear in Gear - Charlotte Personal Page

Robin Viar

Robin Viar

Many know our story! The Dam Twin Squad started way back in 1972, when Robin was born 26 minutes ahead of Meredith. Cut to 2012, when Robin was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer at age 39. Then cut to 2018, when Meredith was diagnosed with Stage II Colon Cancer at age 45.
Thanks to God and their support systems, both are currently CANCER-FREE. We are working together to support the Colon Cancer Coalition, Get Your Rear In Gear. We'd love your help; please consider making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends.

We've been together since our Day 1, and now, we can make a difference for all those in the Colon Cancer community.

Much love, XOXO
Robin and Meredith, those DAM Twins


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Recent Donations

1. Irwin Lazar
2. Jodi And Michael Allen
3. Robin Davis
Wish I could join you this year! Have a great event and wanted to support a wonderful cause and team! Robin and Anthony Davis
4. Danni Leifer
5. Alicia Brooks
Miss you, love you so much!!! Big hugs ❤😊🤗
6. Karen Hayner

Team Viar/The Dam Twin Squad