Blue Ribbon Warriors - The Gray Family

Blue Ribbon Warriors - The Gray Family

Blue Ribbon Warriors - The Gray Family

Hello to all our Blue Ribbon Warriors! I am sorry for the tardy message about this year’s Get Your Rear in Gear, but honestly I have been ringing my hands over the event. Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic. Is it smart to gather? Probably not at this time. But, we can always participate virtually. Is this ideal … no. I love this event so much … it’s not about the money that is donated. It is about us all coming together as the “Blue Ribbon Warriors – The Gray Family Team” … for 7 years now. EACH OF YOU INSPIRE ME AND ARE MY SUPPORT GROUP, and I am part of yours!

Where am I in my journey?
Just to get you caught up … my scans reveal that I am stable. Praise! I am on a maintenance cocktail that keeps these bad bugs in check. I look at my success as an equation and one that will help me beat this bad bug:
God and heavenly “spirits” +a Devoted Family + Loyal Friends + a Phenomenal Team at Levine Cancer Institute + A M King (my awesome employer) = TEAM JANE

GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR and please plan to join us VIRTUALLY on Sunday, March 21 anytime between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to walk/run again for colon cancer awareness. If this time does not work for you or if there is inclement weather planned, then choose your own time that weekend … remember, we are virtual!

CarolinaTime & Parking Group has once again offered to sponsor our awesome t-shirts (thank you so much)!. I keep hearing from you all how you are enjoying the black ones from two years ago, so … we are going to offer the same shirt in silver/gray! Make sure to record your correct t-shirt size when registering. Once again, you’ll receive two shirts … a team shirt and one from the Colon Cancer Coalition (CCC). For those of you who registered last year, I have your 2020 CCC shirts. Our helpers will make sure to deliver your shirts on your door step no later than Saturday a.m., March 20th. If you are out of town, we will be sending them via USPS.

Since we cannot be together, I encourage you to share your experience in two ways:
Post your own photos on Instagram & Facebook and use these hashtags: #RearInGearCLT, #gofightwin!, #grayblueribbonwarriors
Not into social media? I get it. Send your photos to me at or text them to me at 7046540389. I will collect these and build a slideshare to memorialize our experience.

Finally, please take a moment to remember those that we love and those we have lost. We are fortunate to have each other. Much love, stay safe and well and many thanks to you all! Together we will make a difference! Go!Fight!Win!


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Take that colon cancer ! We love you! Kirk and Ash
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Jane inspires me every day with her resilience and strength. Thank you for being a role model for us all and sharing love and joy wherever you go. Go! Fight! Win!
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Go! Fight! Win!