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Sherrie Macdermod

Sherrie MacDermod

Get Your Rear In Gear! A journey we did not pick, but was picked for us over 11 years ago. 2010: Glenn was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Radiation rounds, chemotherapy, surgeries and the beginning of initialism parties (LWR, AIT, 5YFC, ADWC). Fast forward, 10 team shirts later (- Covid 19) and tens of thousands of dollars raised, Team GMac is back again to raise awareness for the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the USA. Colorectal cancer is highly treatable. When found in its earliest stages, the five year survival rate is 90%. So for the 11th year (and 11th shirt) we are back! 5K, family, friends, whoopie pies, bloody marys, Prices chicken coop (which we will deeply miss this year) and most importantly HOPE. Back to let others know in his/her early journey this too can be your clothing line! Go Team GMac!!


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