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Team Whooten!

Team Whooten!

Dear Friends and Family of Steph,

Well........... We all know what a crazy year it has been with distance learning, cancelled vacations, toilet paper shortages, and virtual working/events. But have you thought about the delayed colon cancer screenings, missed diagnosis’, and patients fighting in isolation?

Steph was diagnosed in March of 2017. We never thought those 18 months she fought could have been worse. BUT. This year, it has been heartbreaking to think of the “Steph’s” that were diagnosed in March of 2020. The Steph’s who were diagnosed before then and had to attend appointments and treatments alone where life changing testing results are delivered regularly. The Steph’s who had to endure ER stays alone when the aggressive treatments inevitably became too much. The Steph’s who are still sitting at home isolated from family/friends because the risk of developing Covid on top of your stage 4 cancer is paralyzing.

Raising awareness for the rise in colon cancer in young people is far too important to ignore, even amidst a global pandemic. It is estimated that in 2020, there will be 18,000 adults under 50 diagnosed with colon cancer, that is 49 per day.

This year will look different as Team Whooten will not be able to gather at our blue tent next to the ocean as we feel Steph’s memory around us. But what IS exciting this year is participants can create their own walk routes at home with your family and friend groups on October 3. Also, there is no entry cost this year so 100% of every dollar donated goes to the efforts of the Colon Cancer Coalition to increase colon cancer screenings and awareness locally.

Please join me in supporting Steph’s memory on the two year anniversary of her not being with us by making your gift to Team Whooten today.

Stay well,



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