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Stephen Gilroy
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Stephen Gilroy

In 2014 I received a diagnosis of colon cancer. At almost the same time my best childhood friend Allen from Weehawken NJ received the same diagnosis. I was in Maine he was in Florida. We both had surgery and the long road to recovery began. I recovered after time he struggled with his.

Three years passed as he continued to struggle to recover I was once again diagnosed with a recurrence of my cancer this time stage IV. Chemo, surgery and more chemo. All the while Allen was still battling but not only that he would call me many times a week checking up on me and encouraging me during my recovery time.

It was a long year but that August I was declared cured. Unfortunately that September Allen’s battle ended

We started the Weehawken Boys and have participated in this event for many years now to recognize my recovery and to honor his memory as a true friend right to the end.


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