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Pattie Ricciardi
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Pattie ricciardi

Hello my friends and family
As you all know I am a colon cancer survivor!!! May of 2014 I went for a routine colonoscopy and was found to have stage 3 colon cancer. After surgery and chemo I have been cancer free ever since. I am in firm belief that screening completely saved my life.
2024 will be the 10th year ( and likely my last year of organizing a team. I plan to then be a volunteer at the race after this year but still hope to see you there!) of Pattie’s Party Poopers. This is an event I am so proud to be part of. Please consider joining our team ( as a runner or walker), or donating. This is such a fun and positive race. All funds raised stay in the Boston area to help continue to raise awareness and treatment for colon cancer.
We have the best team and have won many awards. Many runners get the personal best time as the coarse is so flat and beautiful.
Please follow the link to join or donate. Thank you for considering
I love and appreciate you all more than you know
All my best


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