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My 2020 Get Your Rear In Gear - Asheville Personal Page

Laurie Koshers

Laurie Koshers

Hi folks! It's that time of year again. We won an award last year for top fund raising. Lets do it again. I had hoped/expected to be cancer free for this year's run. That isn't in the cards, but let's do what we can to fight this crazy disease and have some fun while we do it.


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Recent Donations

1. Michelle Spiegel
Good luck, Laurie! From an FDNSC parent who cares :-)
2. Lori Weiner
You got this!
3. Jon Rapport
Wishing you peace love & only good things. Keep up the good fight.
4. Jeff Kert
Keep fighting the fight!
5. Linnea Miles
Go get 'em Laurie! So much love to you and your sweet family!
6. The Kenny Family
Go Laurie! Kick Cancers A$$!!

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