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Cynthia Wilson

Cynthia Wilson

I was 52 when I had my first colonscopy on November 30, 2012. I wasn’t worried because I had no symptoms and no family history. Honestly, the only reason I did it then was I had money to use up in my flex account. Imagine my shock when they found a tumor and it ended up being stage 3B. I had a colon resection, 6 months of chemo and months of shots after they found a blood clot after my chemo was over.
I have been a survivor 11 years now and have walked the Get Your Rear in Gear every year. Every year I’ve won the award for most money raised by an individual! I am so very blessed to have beaten this terrible disease and this is my way of giving back by helping others who are going thru what I went thru.
I encourage everyone to get their colonscopy if you’re 50 or have symptons. One day of prep is nothing compared to the year I went thru. Get your colonscopy. It can save your life. It saved mine.


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