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Connor Creekmore
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Connor Creekmore

My hope is that in a year or two Connor can write his own write up but felt if he did it this year you would know the ins and outs of Minecraft and other 7-year-old boy conversations. It has been a crazy year for everyone, but it has given me the chance to be home with Connor for virtual school and everything else over the year. Seeing him grow up and get smarter with every day has been a blessing. As he grows the questions get tougher though like… what is cancer, how does it make you die, will I see my mom again. Connor’s memories of his mom are through pictures, videos and stories people share with him. She lost her battle with colon cancer when he was 15 months old. I asked Connor again this year why he felt like we do the race and raise money. His response was ‘to help other people like moms and dads and have no cancer or viruses so I can play with my friends’. I hope that someday we could live in a world with no cancer, but until then we will continue to raise awareness and money to help.

Colon cancer among the young has been increasing, and yet the reason for the increase is not known. Money raised by this event goes towards education initiatives and expanding colon cancer screening. Colon cancer has a high survival rate, if diagnosed in the early stages.

Connor will be participating in the GYRIG Raleigh 2021 for the sixth consecutive year. Connor has been the top fundraiser for the past three years and wants to make his mom proud again this year. Although we will not be participating at the event in person, we will be doing the walk virtually in our development. Please help support Colon Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to his fundraiser.



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