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My 2021 Get Your Rear in Gear - New York Personal Page

Brian Patrick Myers

Brian Patrick Myers

Please help me support Colon Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance Colon Cancer Coalition's great cause!

Hello Everyone! I'm running in a 5K to benefit Colorectal Cancer research and patient support, as a survivor myself. Because my doctor is diligent, and also happens to also be a gastroenterologist, I had a colonoscopy at the age of 42, which is early. I had zero symptoms of anything being wrong. However, on New Year's Eve 2019, I found out that I had stage 2 colorectal cancer. Later, even after having surgery, it turned out that I had stage 3 (meaning it had spread to lymph nodes), even though my tumor had been less than 0.19 inches. If I had waited much longer, it could have fully metastasized, and been stage 4, and spread even further. If you could throw in a buck or two for the race, that'd be much appreciated. But much more importantly, *get screened!* If I didn't have such a proactive doctor, there is a chance that I wouldn't be around to run this race, instead of being happily in partial remission, as I am, thankfully. In any event, I sincerely hope that you're all doing well, and that you and yours are healthy and happy!


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