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Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor

It's that time again, and this year you can meet us in person or virtually. Please join us Saturday, November 13th at the home of the Sugarland Skeeters in Sugar Land, Texas, (or from your home city) to raise awareness for colon cancer-a disease near and dear to our hearts. It is on the rise in young adults. As most of you know, Owen has been battling it for a little over two years now. His symptoms were minimal, and he doesn't have any hereditary syndromes.

He has endured over 37 rounds of aggressive chemo, 2 major surgeries for his liver and colon, one round of radiation, two microwave ablations, and is gearing up for the fight of chemo and radiation once again. In addition, another dear friend's sister just got diagnosed with colon cancer, and she has started her chemo rounds as well. Both of these people are our age...young! There are too many young adult warriors battling this disease, and that needs to change!

Please donate if you feel led. Every donation, no matter how small helps! If everyone gave even a dollar, it wouldn't take long for it to add up!


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