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Jelena Ivanisevic

Jelena Ivanisevic

Cancer sucks. Please help us support the Colon Cancer Coalition by joining Jovan's Crew in a virtual walk/run. We appreciate all contributions to our team. Every dollar we raise will advance Colon Cancer Coalition's great cause!

We hope that you'll join us in walking to honor the strongest fighter we know!


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Recent Donations

1. Aymara's family
Thrilled to support the Colon Cancer Coalition and your family's incredible team! Love and well wishes from Aymara and her family xo
2. Tim Schwister
3. Jacob Schwister
4. Armando Avila
5. Ally Scaccia
Screw cancer!!!!! Hope this donation can help reach the goal, and your dad can keep kicking cancers ass! Ally & Josh
6. Mary Elizabeth O’Connor

Team Jovan's Crew


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This marks one step for every life we'll lose to colorectal cancer in 2020